All of our websites are hosted on Enterprise-class servers. We've made sure to include redundancies should anything go wrong, and they are housed in a secure data center designed to last indefinitely during a power outage. We back them up daily for added data protection.


All of our clients receive unlimited access to an unlimited number of their own email accounts. All email accounts on our server will benefit from our spam filtration system, and can be accessed the same as any other email account via webmail or the app of your choice. We are also available to troubleshoot any email related problems you may experience!

Client Control

As a client, you'll be able to access the control panel for your site at any time. The control panel will allow you to set up different things for your site with only a few clicks, such as a WordPress blog. You can also access any of your files on our server via FTP, either through the control panel, or a program of your choice. Statistics for your site will also be available through the control panel for you to see how your site is doing at a glance.